Introducing DODO: 10x Better Liquidity than Uniswap

  • Current AMM solutions fail to provide sufficient liquidity in mainstream trading pairs, because they do not function as human market makers
  • DODO is powered by a brand new, bleeding edge market maker algorithm called Proactive Market Maker (PMM), whose primary objective is to minimize risks for liquidity providers (LPs) and to stabilize their portfolio
  • Compared to AMM solutions, DODO performs 10x better in terms of liquidity
  • Low fund utilization rate
    Only 1–2% of the funding pool is available at a reasonable price, while the rest is far away from market price and is thus severely underutilized.
  • Unstable portfolio
    When market fluctuates and prices move, instead of adjusting the prices immediately, AMM waits for arbitrageurs trades, which changes liquidity providers’ portfolio and causes great loss.
The major feature of human market makers is placing a lot of money around the market mid price.
  • i, the market mid price
  • R, the risk index
  1. Limit counterparty risk
  2. Keep liquidity providers’ portfolio stable
  • 20% Annualized rate of return*
  • stable portfolio
  • deposit any amount of quote token or base token
  • limited counterparty risk
  • flexible price curve
  • 10x better liquidity than uniswap with the same funding size



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