DODO to Issue Vesting Voucher on Solv Protocol

4 min readJul 23, 2021


The DODO team is pleased to announce that DODO will issue Vouchers with DODO token allocations on the Solv Protocol platform starting July 28, 2021.

What is Voucher?

Voucher is a vNFT-standard semi-fungible asset that can be split, transferred, or combined with other assets, bringing Financial NFTs to the new and exciting world of DeFi. Click here to learn more about Solv Finance and Voucher.

The DODO vesting Voucher represents DODO’s locked-up token allocations, with the locked DODO tokens scheduled for gradual release.

The Vesting Voucher is an excellent opportunity for DODO’s token holders to buy in more DODO tokens at a discounted price: the Vouchers will be sold at 50% off DODO tokens’ average market price over the previous 30 days. This rare opportunity is only available to DODO’s most loyal supporters: only DODO and vDODO holders, along with a few whitelisted addresses, will be eligible to purchase the DODO Vesting Voucher.


Launch Date: Jul 28, 2021at 1:00PM UTC

Total Token Allocation: 100,000 DODO Tokens

Token Unit Price: 50% of DODO token’s past 30-day average market price

Release Schedule: Allocations will start being unlocked from September 29, 2021, and will be linearly released over the next 24 months, in a process similar to DODO’s seed round vesting releasing method.

Sale Type: Fixed Unit Price

Purchase Limit: 500 to 5,000 DODO tokens per address

There are two ways to be whitelisted for the DODO Vesting Voucher Sale

  1. Have an address that holds a minimum of 100 vDODO. The snapshot has already been taken on July 20, 2021, 12:00AM UTC +8 (Singapore Time)
  2. Follow @BreederDodo and @SolvProtocol on Twitter, retweet this tweet, and fill out the form. 150 lucky followers will be randomly selected for the whitelist.

How to Purchase and Claim your DODO Vesting Vouchers?

There are several ways investors can purchase the DODO Vesting Vouchers. The details are as follows:

Purchase Your DODO Vesting Vouchers

  • You can purchase DODO Vesting Voucher on its home page (its link will be published before the auction starts), or by clicking on the corresponding Voucher on the Marketplace of Solv Vouchers. (
  • The DODO Vesting Voucher Auction is a timed sale, and the “buy” button will not appear on its website until the countdown is over.
  • You can purchase the Vouchers by either entering the total dollar amount or the total number of DODO tokens you would like to purchase.
  • The payment currency is USDT

Claim Your DODO Tokens

  • Go to “Dashboard” and then click on the Voucher you would like to claim
  • Click “Claim” to receive available tokens (note: this action incurs gas fees).
  • The total value of a Voucher will decrease in correspondence to the number of tokens claimed by its holder.
  • The value of a Voucher reaches 0 if all of its tokens are claimed.

About Solv

Solv Protocol is the protocol for creating, managing, and trading Vouchers, which are splittable and composable Financial NFTs that represent vesting tokens for crypto projects. As Solv’s first product based on Financial NFTs, Solv Vouchers is dedicated to reconstructing the management of vesting tokens, thus significantly improving the liquidity of lock-up assets.

About Solv Vouchers

Solv Vouchers is the DeFi platform for creating, managing, and trading allocation NFTs. Through its original token standard vNFT (short for Versatile NFT), Solv Vouchers transforms lock-up vesting tokens into negotiable Vouchers, and provides liquidity to holders of lock-up allocations like the project team and investors, by trading Vouchers in its internal market or depositing Vouchers as collateral for loans through integrated lending platforms.

About DODO

DODO is a next-generation decentralized exchange and liquidity aggregator powered by the Proactive Market Maker algorithm (PMM). Featuring highly capital-efficient liquidity pools, minimal slippage, and reduced impermanent loss, DODO is designed to deliver all the advantages of a distributed platform, plus a user-friendly interface and liquidity that is comparable to centralized systems. Learn more:

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