DODO to Issue Vesting Voucher on Solv Protocol

What is Voucher?


  1. Have an address that holds a minimum of 100 vDODO. The snapshot has already been taken on July 20, 2021, 12:00AM UTC +8 (Singapore Time)
  2. Follow @BreederDodo and @SolvProtocol on Twitter, retweet this tweet, and fill out the form. 150 lucky followers will be randomly selected for the whitelist.

How to Purchase and Claim your DODO Vesting Vouchers?

Purchase Your DODO Vesting Vouchers

  • You can purchase DODO Vesting Voucher on its home page (its link will be published before the auction starts), or by clicking on the corresponding Voucher on the Marketplace of Solv Vouchers. (
  • The DODO Vesting Voucher Auction is a timed sale, and the “buy” button will not appear on its website until the countdown is over.
  • You can purchase the Vouchers by either entering the total dollar amount or the total number of DODO tokens you would like to purchase.
  • The payment currency is USDT

Claim Your DODO Tokens

  • Go to “Dashboard” and then click on the Voucher you would like to claim
  • Click “Claim” to receive available tokens (note: this action incurs gas fees).
  • The total value of a Voucher will decrease in correspondence to the number of tokens claimed by its holder.
  • The value of a Voucher reaches 0 if all of its tokens are claimed.

About Solv

About Solv Vouchers

About DODO

Welcome to the DODO Zoo!



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