DODO and Be One: Integration Announcement

Be One Mobile Banking application

DODO Integration on Be One

DODO is excited to work with Be One on becoming one of the first cryptocurrencies to be integrated within the Be One banking ecosystem. DODO token holders will be able to deposit DODO into their Be One account and use DODO in several ways, including as a direct payment method. This includes P2P payments and payments at merchants within the network.

Be One Crowdpooling

Be One will be hosting their public sale via a DODO Crowdpooling sale. Dr. Cédric Jeannot, Be One Board Chairman, stated:

Be One Crowdpool Details

Be One will host a DODO Crowdpool as follows:

  • Token Name: BEONE
  • Crowdpooling Type: Fixed-Price Crowdpooling
  • Token Contract Address: TBA (Be One will release tokenomics info soon)
  • Network: ETH
  • Total Number of Tokens in the Crowdpool: 10,000,000 BEONE tokens*
  • Total Number of Tokens for Participants: 5,000,000 BEONE tokens*
  • Token Price: $0.50 USDC
  • Sale Date: May 19, 2021 — Time TBA
  • Crowdpool Address: TBA
  • Sale Duration: 48 Hours

vDODO Holders: BEONE Token Rewards

vDODO holders who hold a balance of 10 vDODO or more will be entitled to receive a special BEONE token reward. 100,000 BEONE tokens will be rewarded to eligible vDODO holders, once a snapshot is taken at a defined time. The BEONE tokens will be distributed evenly to all eligible vDODO holders. More information on this will be provided.

About Be One

Be One is a registered and regulated challenger bank, with a global correspondent network so that individuals and corporate customers can bank freely. Be One is the first of its kind: the vision of a CeFi + DeFi bank is now real. Be One is not a crypto bank, it is a challenger bank focused on the crypto community. Be One offers both fiat and crypto in one account, bridging both worlds in one solution, and servicing the crypto community with fiat services comparable to traditional banks.

Official BeOne Links

Official Website:



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