Discord Founders AMA Transcript (Aug 18th)

5 min readAug 23, 2021

Hello CommanDODOs,

The transcript of the August 18th biweekly discord AMA featured DODO’s CEO Radar Bear and CMO Diane Dai is as follows:

  1. Can you discuss the current NFT plans for the DODOplatform (maybe a roadmap?), and some of the ideas brought up in the #dodo-nft channel regarding unique NFTs for vDODO stakers, what are your thoughts on that?
  • The DODO team has big plans for NFTs. NFTs are a brand new type of asset, and DODO as an exchange should definitely support it. DODO will most likely put the marketplace platform on hold because proven products are already available (e.g. opensea). Instead, we are planning to focus on NFT fractionation, for that we could leverage our knowledge on the spot market. The NFT Fractionization feature is expected to go live towards the end of Q3.
  • NFT blind box sales will be another main focus of DODO’s NFT platform. There had been quite a few blind box sale campaigns launched on the platform in the past months, all of which were successful. However, the DODO team later decided to redesign the entire platform to make it fully permissionless. The permissionless NFT blind box platform will allow anyone to create their own blind boxes with a few clicks on the website. This feature is expected to go live towards the end of Q4
  • There are more ideas for NFTs that have been simmering in the pot. For example, a new type of NFT pool, where anyone can sell or buy NFT from the pool. The DODO team believes that NFT pool + fractionation will bring a brand new NFT trading experience. This feature is currently under development, please stay tuned for more updates!
  • In terms of algorithms, I believe that UniV3, CurveV2, and DODO are fundamentally the same. All three dapps try to create liquidity through external information acquired through oracles. The difference being DODO chose to focus more on bringing and supporting more types of assets, including NFTs. In the meantime, we are also exploring options and other derivatives.
  • One of our community members recently suggested vDODO holder exclusive NFTs, and we like the idea! The DODO team is currently working on creating the NFTs exclusive to the vDODO holders, and it is expected to become available during Q4 as part of the upcoming achievement system.

2. How big is the DODO development team? How many products are being worked on simultaneously, or is the sole focus on NFTs now?

  • The DODO development team consists of 12 developers, 2 product managers, and 2 UI designers.
  • The team is focusing on DODO DEX, and the blindbox feature simultaneously. (the contract is finished and audited)

3. What’s the growth strategy to promote DODO’s DEX platform and get more users using it, for higher volume?

  • The DODO team is focusing on 3 major aspects to promote the platform, Products improvement, global market expansion, and startup projects support.
  • The team will continue to improve the overall quality of DODO’s product suite to ensure that traders can find the best price and trading experience on DODO among all DEXes.
  • DODO’s marketing team has been doing a great job at developing local communities across the globe. As of now, we have established solid user bases and communities in new regions like Japan, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Russia. The team will continue to explore new markets to bring DODO’s unique benefit and experience across the globe.
  • DODO provides products and services such as Crowdpoolings to new startup projects to help them issue tokens while bringing more new assets to DODO’s users.

4. What about multi-chain deployment besides Arbitrum. There has been lots of traction on Solana and LUNA layer 1.

  • The DODO team attempted to migrate DODO’s contract to Solana before, and we realized that it would’ve taken much more time than migrate to an EVM chain.
  • Blockchains on DODO’s 2021 multi-chain roadmap are Arbitrum, Optimism, OMGX, and Solana.

5. How does the DODO teamwork on multiple chains simultaneously?

  • Working multiple chains simultaneously isn’t particularly a problem for DODO’s developers, since all the chains that we are working on are EVM compatible chains. However, it does make deployment and config more complex and time-consuming.
  • Optimism and OMGX share the same codebase. DODO’s contracts are already modified and deployed on these chains, and the team is currently working on the front end.

6. Do you have an update on vDODO snapshots and mirroring?

  • vDODO snapshot and mirroring will be based on user demand. The team will arrange snapshots and mirrorings if there is enough demand on a particular chain.

7. Is the DODO Raptor program still going on? I liked the early days where holders with more than 50 vDODOs got airdrops

  • DODO still has the raptor program, however, there are some product upgrades that need to be done before it can resume.

8. What are you most excited about for the next 6 to 12 months?

  • I am most excited about DODO V2.1 and V2.2, both versions will be delivered within the next 6 months.
  • DODO V 2.1 will feature a brand new DODO Landing page, the personal home page, Governance homepage, discover page, and a series of platform optimizations. It will also bring a few new NFT related features, such as NFT Creation and NFT Fractionization.
  • DODO V 2.2 will feature the permissionless NFT blindboxes and lottery system, NFT pool trading mode, PMM Market-making tools, limit order, and more.
  • I’m also looking forward to more layer 2 solutions, and DODO’s NFT features going live.
  • For crypto in general, I believe there is a possibility for BTC to reach another ATH.

9. Are there any plans to offer collateralized loans against other crypto assets?

  • There has recently been a proposal from the CREAM community that suggests listing DODO as a collateral asset for lending and borrowing on CREAM Finance on Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon
  • https://forum.cream.finance/t/proposal-add-dodo-as-collateral-asset-on-cream/1892
  • Listing DODO token as a collateral asset for lending and borrowing would be a perfect addition to DODO token’s utility and is an idea that the team would like to expand upon in the future.




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