Aurora Mining Incentives Round 2

2 min readJan 26, 2022


Hey CommanDODOs!

Remember how DODO deployed onto the Aurora chain last December? Back then, we started the first round of liquidity mining on Dec 27th, it will end on Jan 25th at 11:59PM EST. Since then, the USDC-USDT trading pair has accumulated $29.92 million in trading volume and brought a considerable amount of value to the protocol.

To keep value coming to our platform, the DODO Team has decided to launch a second round of liquidity mining rewards and trade mining rewards after the first one is done. The campaign will start on Jan 26th at 1:59AM EST and end on Feb 25th at 1:59AM EST. We will also adjust the liquidity mining incentives to the following:

  • USDT-USDC reward will increase from 0.1 DODO per block to 0.2 DODO per block.
  • DODO-USDC reward will remain the same at 0.1 DODO and 0.007 NEAR per block.

We will keep the trading rewards unchanged, as follows:

  • Any wallet address is eligible for these trading rewards, with a minimum trade amount of $100 USD per trade in order to qualify.
  • Each eligible trade qualifies for 2 DODO tokens in trading rewards.
  • The maximum value of rewards per day is capped at 125 DODO tokens per day per eligible address.
  • Wash trading, bot interference, and other suspicious and/or exploitative activities will not be tolerated and will be extensively monitored.

Trading rewards are subject to a 90-day vesting schedule and the tokens will be linearly released on a per-block basis. Rewards will be distributed at the end of the event period to eligible and qualifying addresses. Users will need to claim these rewards when they wish to.





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